Eastside Traveling Golf League

Match Play


Closest to the Pin Competitions

We play all par threes as Closest to the pin for a payout of $5.00.  The measurement is from the edge of the cup to the nearest part of the ball.  You must match or better par to be eligible to record your name and distance on the green-side card.  The final group of the day will bring the paper cards for the par threes with them as they leave the green.

Winter Rules Guidelines

There are a number of interpretations of what constitutes winter rules.  Below are the ETGL Guidelines:

When winter rules apply: A player may mark, pickup and clean their ball at anytime “Tee through Green.”  This is done by placing a tee in the ground at the point where your ball rests and then picking up your ball for cleaning and placing.  You must place your ball within 6” of your mark, no closer to the hole.

When Winter Rules DO NOT apply:

  • Within any hazards (sand or water).
  • Other staked areas (Red, White or Yellow).
  • Within 3’ of  the base of a tree.

The decision to play winter rules is determined by the playing condition of the course and the tournament committee.

Putt it until it drops and rattles:

Since we are serious about the rules we will be expected to hole out each ball on each hole.  While this may be foreign to some and uncomfortable for others, we still expect it.  Handicaps are our equalizer, not conceded putts or gimmes.

Red staked Hazards (Lateral)

  • You may play the ball as it lies (but may not ground your club) without penalty.
  • You may play the ball from the original spot (stroke previously played + penalty stroke).
  • You may drop a ball within two club-lengths of (a) that point where the ball last crossed the margin of  the hazard or (b) a point on the opposite side of the hazard margin equal distance fro the hole (this option also includes stroke previously played + penalty stroke to be added to your score).


Yellow Staked Hazards

You may play the ball as it lies (but may not ground your club) without penalty.

You may drop your ball any distance behind the hazard (keeping the point at which the ball last crossed the margin of the water hazard directly between the hole and the spot of the drop.  You may also replay from the original spot.  To help you remember the number of strokes played…one to get in, another to pull it out, next shot is the 3rd shot.  A reminder that when a drop area is used the player may not tee the ball in that area.


  • When tallying scorecards please record gross, net, and team scores for all players
  • Remember to sign and attest all scorecards.
  • When playing in two-man teams please exchange scorecards with your opponents.
  • Neatness and accuracy counts!


Ready Golf

The ETGL supports keeping all play moving at an efficient pace and therefore we will apply ready golf guidelines rather than strict honors play.  These include, but are not limited to the following:

  • If you are on the teeing ground and ready, go for it regardless of who scored lowest on the previous hole. 
  • Once you are off the tee, if you are ready, go ahead and hit.
  • Watch errant shots carefully. Pick a line and walk or drive toward that point.  Know when a provisional ball is in order.
  • When you enter a sand trap take a rake with you.
  • The person closest to the pin once all are on the green should tend/remove the pin.
  • Read your putt while others are putting.
  • Place your clubs between the hole and the next tee.
  • The first person to hole their putt should replace the flagstick.
  • Mark scorecards clear of the green, preferably at the next tee.
  • Don’t over-read putts, with longer putts it is mostly about proper distance. Fact: Pro golfers are 50% from 8’…

We can all do our part to improve pace of play.  Our league has as much fun telling of the ones that got away in the clubhouse after play, but what is frustrating is waiting on a group that finishes 30-60 minutes out of position because of slow play.  Those who finish early and then have to wait for 90 minutes to hear how their team fared or wait for a carpool buddy become frustrated at the group(s) that are causing undue delay.  The group in front of you determines your pace not whether you are staying ahead of the group behind you.


The ETGL books 24-32 spots per tournament and fill the on a first come first served basis.  Our deadlines are held to so if a payment is received after the hard deadline you will be placed on the waiting list for that tourney.  If we have booked 24 spots and more want to play and get their money by the deadline we will make every effort to get more spots from the golf courses.  We have yet to turn anyone down who got their money in on time!

Refund / Substitution Policy

The league sends a check for the green fees 14-30 days prior to our tournament date.  If you are unable to attend a tournament after you have paid you must find your own replacement if we do not have anyone on the waiting list.  If you use a non-member as a substitute they will not be eligible for any prize money, but you will be awarded last place Sony money for the event.  The position in the team event will be filled by a blind draw at the conclusion of play so the team will not be penalized by your absence.