Eastside Traveling Golf League

Match Play


These are USGA INDEXES They must be CONVERTED TO THE SLOPES FOR TEES PLAYED AT EACH COURSE. If you have an official GHIN number through another golf course, great.  If you are maintaining a handicap through us here is some important information: Bill McCarson is our handicap chairman and can answer most of your questions.  His Phone is 206 234-9094.  His E-mail address is wmac41@comcast.net

If you have never had a handicap you will need a minimum of 5 scores to enter before you can be considered official,  Call Bill or contact him by e-mail so you can get started.  Usually only rounds played between March 1st and November 30th may be posted.  IF YOU DO NOT HAVE AN OFFICIAL HANDICAP (AT LEAST 5 SCORES ENTERED) YOU WILL NOT BE ELIGIBLE TO PLAY AND WIN MONEY IN AN ETGL EVENT.  You may still participate, but you will not be included as a member of a two-man or four-man team for purposes of earning money or contributing to a team score.

Recording and Adjusting: Equitable Stroke Control (ESC) is the downward adjustment of individual hole scores for handicap purposes in order to make handicaps more representative of a player's potential scoring ability.  ESC sets a maximum number that a player can post on any hole depending on the player's Course Handicap.  ESC is used only when a player's actual score exceeds his maximum number based on the table below.  There is no limit on the number of holesa player may adjust his score. 

Course Handicap      Max. Number allowed
9 or less                               Double Bogie
10-19                                             7
20-29                                             8
30-39                                             9

You can view current handicaps at the USGA's GHIN web site.

GHIN Index as of May 1, 2021

Mark Albright 18.0
Tom Alvis 20.0
Rob Andrzejewski 14.3
Pat Bangasser 9.2
Ralph Bell 13.6
Warren Berger 21.3
Larry Boyer 16.0
Terry Boyle 10.3
Mr. Tom Brennan 18.1
Peter Brinck 21.6
Chris Carlson 21.1
Chris Clogston 3.3
Tom Colleran 6.1
Richard Delie 16.6
Anthony Delie 11.6
Kyle Dowling 24.6
Scott Dowling 10.3
Greg Fagan 18.5
Jared Fagan 5.2
Sean Fagan 20.3
Frank Fisher 21.2
Doug Fraser 3.5
Bijan Ghambari 12.5
John Hallstrom 9.6
Jon Hayenga 9.3
Keaton Hayenga 2.6
Chuck Horton 14.5
Michael Imus 19.0
Jordan Jackson NH
Scott Jackson 27.4
Tanor Johnson 9.8
Trevor Johnson 11.0
Jeff Johnson 14.8
Mark Jorgensen 8.9
Mr. Jerry Kelly 11.9
Todd Kibbee 11.9
Scott Kinzer 16.2
Steve Kramer 6.5
Rick Loya 18.2
Mr. Tom Mahaffey 13.7
Gregory Malcolm 20.0
Bill McCarson 25.5
Fred Miller 13.7
Eric Mischke 23.3
Mr. Jerry Nakata 12.7
Rob Perry 6.5
Scott Rame 23.5
Chris Reigelsperger 6.5
John Rossi 13.5
Dave Rowe 32.1
Mark Schoonover 8.5
Brian Schoonover 21.0
Mr. Shawn Schoonover 13.8
Greg Seeley 18.2
Mr. Ryan Shane 12.9
George Siemens 16.8
Bob Sikma 20.8
Parker Sjolander 13.2
Mark Steel 18.8
Tim Stonich 16.6
Mr. Matt Stonich 13.3
Chris Tank 11.3
Alex Tank 16.5
Steve Tarr 15.4
Todd Thoreson 16.3