Eastside Traveling Golf League

Match Play

2020 ETGL Match Play

Our Match Play Tournament will again be played in addition to our regular scheduled events. In early March we will draw the brackets and announce the first round pairings. The tournament is single elimination competition, match play with full handicaps. It is the responsibility of the competitors to contact each other, schedule a tee time and complete the match prior to the deadlines listed below.

To use handicaps correctly you subtract the lower handicap from the higher and use the difference. Example: Arnold is a 25 and Jack is a 10. This would result in Arnold getting one stroke on handicap holes 1-15. All other holes would be played straight up.

2020 Match Play Rules
1 Matches to be completed by DUE DATE or Forfeit will occur.  
  Appeals for extentions will be granted by ETGL Commissioner only
2 If you forfeit a match, you will be ineligible for the 2020 Match Play
3 All matches to be played at Redmond Ridge Golf Course or Willow Golf Course unless 
  both participants agree on an alternate site.  White tees will be used for Trilogy 
  and Willows Talon and Blue Tees will be used for Willows Coyote Creek course,
  unless both players agree to play other tees.
4 ETGL may require you to play your match during a scheduled monthly tournament
  if both players have signed up for the event.
5 Adjust your ghin handicaps to course and tees played.  Highest adjusted handicap
  allowed for match play purposes will be 32.
6 Higher handicapper will be given strokes based on the difference between high and lower 
  adjusted handicaps (example- Jack is a 10 handicap and Arnie is a 15, then Arnie will be 
given a stroke on the 5 toughes holes).
7 Schedule and play your matches well ahead of deadlines so we can keep complete 
the tournament by the middle of September.
8 Contact Commissioner Bangasser or Jeff Johnson regarding match play questions or rules questions.
9 Report Match results to Commissioner Bangasser and Jeff Johnson upon completion of the match
at pebangasser@comcast.net and jeff.johnson2400@comcast.net

Prize Money: 1st: $160 2nd: $80 3rd, 4th: $40


Cypress Point Region        
Round 1 (5/12) Round 2 (6/9) Round 3 (7/14) Round 4 (8/11) Round 5 (9/7)
Pebble Beach Region        
Augusta National Region        
Bandon Dunes Region